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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


There's nothing like an "enlightening" conversation to remind you where you are...this is mine with two techs recently:

Tech #1: Whatcha reading?

I hold up Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father and say, "Obama!"

Tech #2: Oh, you must want to live in a socialist country.
Tech #1: Did you vote for him?
Me: (proudly) Of course I did!
Tech #2: Of course she did. Why would she be reading his book otherwise? For FUN?!

I get an eyebrow raise of disappointment from both techs.

Tech #1: Oh. I'm an ultra conservative Republicain. Ugh, I voted for McCain. (He continues to tell me some story of some Independent candidate he would have rather voted for) and then continues with: and the ONLY reason I voted for McCain is Sarah Palin. Well, you know, I had to support Palin!

I smile somewhat uncomfortably and refrain from commenting. In any other place, in any other time, I might have been willing to have this conversation, but not now, not today. I'm thinking: Ok, I voted for OBAMA and you sound like you're rationalizing why you voted for McCain and you tell me because of PALIN? Why do you think I care? Then you tell me its because of Palin? Wait, what? I know of Republicans who didn't vote for McCain BECAUSE of Palin. I don't know of a single person who supported Palin either (thank goodness).

Seriously, am I having this conversation? I've never had a conversation like this before (with a pro-Palin supporter) and I have to say, it kind of took me by surprise. With Obama's innaguration coming up, I guess some people are still unhappy and uncomfortable. Maybe? I forgot that the county I grew up in has one of the largest percentages of Republicans. But still... Wow.


Kat said...

*sigh* It's such a bummer, isn't it? I read through some pretty inflammatory comments from Repubs on Facebook on the day of the inauguration, and there were a few that really got my blood boiling. GAH. I need to be rescued from the OC!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, see, the Palin thing. I don't get it either. And people thought Hillary was divisive...

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