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Friday, December 05, 2008


Regardless of how you feel about Broadway, watch:

and then read this (the excerpt/nutshell/impact of what happened is below ):
"At the end of the final take the cast began to clap for Nicholas, they completely encircled him and the cast kept clapping for him, they wrapped around him and clapped and clapped and clapped. The look on Nicholas' face at that point, the fact he was soaking up all that support, he was soaking up all the faith they had in him, at that moment the look on his face seemed like he could believe in his own dreams, he could go where he wanted to go, it was the most wonderful transformation, because in the beginning he was scared, but by that final moment,-that final take with them all around him, he was transformed." What a gift, a truly priceless gift.

What a heartwarming gift of hope and inspiration for the holidays. Thank you LMM, In the Heights cast & crew, Nicholas and everyone who made this happen! This is why the Broadway community is awesome (x 96,000)!


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