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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


So I got a new CD that I just love! I've been aware of Victoria Clark's work (Titanic) but became even more interested in her career following her Tony Award winning performance of Margaret Johnson in The Light in the Piazza. Actually, if you keep up with NY theatre, then you of course know of Clark's work and thank god she was finally recognized...right? While I'm completely disappointed that I never got to see her said performance live, I did catch the broadcast of Piazza on PBS and have played the bejeezus out of my CD of the cast recording.

I knew she had an album coming out, I knew she was touring but for some reason never felt totally compelled to purchase the new album. I read nice reviews (ok just one, but then again that's the only review of her album I read) but again never got around to the album. Well the other day as I was cleaning out my iPod, it finally dawned on me that I didn't have it, so I downloaded it on iTunes (I really wanted to purchase a hard copy, but at the same time I had a severe case of needing some immediate gratification). Lets just say its been two days and her album hasn't stopped playing. I just love it! This is the best solo album I've heard in a long time. Often times I'll listen to a solo album and not love it, but love the artist so I listen to it and find tracks to appreciate while loving few of the other ones. This was so not the case with Clark's album, Fifteen Minutes of Grace. The only downside of the immediate gratification of getting an album from iTunes...NO LINER NOTES! I rather love reading liner notes and obsessively reading the lryics and now I have to search for said lyrics on the internet instead.

LOVE it! Go buy it!


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