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Friday, February 15, 2008


I find artistic process fascinating. Somehow understanding what prompts a composer to write a song whether for a particular character or just because...its all an interesting journey for me. Though troubled (still?) I think Adam Guettel is my new musical study (this article was very compelling). I say this not because of his family (I think everyone knows he is the grandson of Richard Rodgers). A bit ago, I bought Floyd Collins and Myths and Hymns and I was struck by just how different stylistically each is (and even more so when compared to Guettel's biggest hit to date, The Light in the Piazza). I must admit, when I first heard Myths and Hymns I didn't get it, I didn't like it and then something clicked and something about it struck me and made me want to explore it. That is what is so fascinating though about music and maybe this art form in particular. You can hear something over and over and only on a particular day does the music and or lyrics hit you and you hear something you've never heard before and it sits in your soul until it becomes a part of you. I realize that sounds really dramatic and maybe unreal but that's what I love about it. Yes, that is part of what I love so much about musicals...the exploration of the material from start to its received, how it affects people, how it flows, how and where it remains in the history of the genre and how it influence future writers. It is easy to say I become somewhat obsessive with some of these shows but I really love how the genre has evolved and continues to evolve.


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