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Monday, January 09, 2006


I guess now is as good a time as ever to mark my first post of 2006 and to congratulate The Phantom of the Opera -- as of tonight, the show marks it's 7,486 performance at the Majestic Theatre and now holds the distinction as the longest running musical on Broadway. Phantom surpasses Cats (another Sir Andrew production) which performed at the Winter Garden Theater from October 7, 1982-September 10, 2000.

My history with The Phantom of the Opera began back in the early '90s, when the musical had it's 5+ year run at The Ahmanson. Sadly (?), I saw it more times than I am willing to admit (even here).

My mom had fallen in love with Michael Crawford's rendition of Music of the Night and we instantly had to see the show. Though we were all upset that we missed Crawford in the LA production, we quickly forgot about him the moment the "new" Phantom, Davis Gaines sang his first, note. This time, I fell in love with the voice behind the mask and not only became a Phantom "phan," but gained a renewed love for musical theatre . Seeing the show changed my life (in one way or another) and the rest, as they say, is history. Having seen the show in Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York, I know the show backwards and forwards and still hold a special place for it in my congratulations to Sir Andrew, Hal Prince, the company & crew of Phantom for the great distinction of being the new longest running musical in Broadway history.



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