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Monday, January 14, 2002


Not sure how I feel yet about this new look...I think it is much better though than that yellow. Don't get me wrong, I do like yellow, really I do, but it was starting to remind me of another site that is the same yellow, and I just couldn't take it anymore.

So have I mentioned how much I am loving my freedom from work? I really needed the break (I know that's what a vacation is for) but it's knowing that I will never have to go back there that is so liberating. Wow. I find that there is so much to do - who knew there was that much to do each day! There are a ton of errands I had put off while working, because it was too much trouble or not enough time. Now, I actually do them, and see my friends and feel like I have a life. It's amazing...

Friday, I went out to one of my favorite places (Lola's) and celebrated with my former co-workers (Jamie, Jody & Janeen, Henry, Craig, Pete, Jan & Dave). Everyone at that table (except for Henry) were ex-employees (or related to ex-employees) of a certain employer. Pete & Dave finally got to meet and everyone who hadn't met Jan before, got to finally meet her and see what Jamie and I had been raving about since her departure...and Dave drove all the way to LA from OC (in rush-hour traffic while being sick!)...thanks Dave! :) The biggest surprise (only because I wasn't sure if he'd actually show) was Craig. I hadn't seen him since he jumped ship several months ago. This guy has the driest, funniest sense of humor and it was nice to see him again too!

So, I am officially in love with the Key Lime and the Star Fu**er's too bad I knocked down 2 glasses that night, or else I would have had more. Ha ha...ahem, don't ask. The food wasn't too great that night...usually they have wonderful food, but that night, I think was an off night...nobody really enjoyed their food I think. But I guess the good martinis made up for it. Anyhow, I had the best time chatting with all of my friends about something other than work. These people though, were people I always genuinely liked when we were working...but now, it's so much different (and better). I was really happy to see was a great night!


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