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Thursday, January 10, 2002


Ok, so I was bored last night...and got a little too into the whole online test thing. Oh well, it's fun. I must admit that this one was the one I found most amusing...

Anywhoo, tonight the old marketing alliances & new media gang got together to celebrate my "freedom flight" (as Mad puts it) at a new tapas bar, Cobras & Matadors. The food was great...weird though that they didn't have a bar...we had to go next door to purchase a bottle of wine (and to top it off, they charged a $5 corkage fee naturally). There were a few things they had which I loved like: the chickpea crepe, roasted asparagus with this great sauce and some focaccia bread with some kind of tomato, sausage spread on it. Yum!!!! And then of course we all split dessert - chocolate souffle, homemade churros with chocolate sauce and caramel flan. Mmmmmmmm!

It was really nice getting together after all of the craziness that we all had to endure for the past two years. For the first time ever, I think everyone was much more relaxed and we all had a really great time. How times have changed. It's funny, because I really felt like we bonded for the first time in a weird way. Awwww, how touching. Heck, we even made plans to go see a movie together next week - who would have ever thought!!!!

Onto a completely different topic...I am totally enjoying my unemployment. This week is devoted to fun and relaxation. Hope I won't get too used to it...actually I know this will wear off in the next week or two.


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