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Friday, October 30, 2009


This post is a PS to YOU DON'T KNOW THIS MAN

I saw Parade again. I loved it that much, yes I did. I haven't done something like this in literally years but then really there really hasn't been anything here in LA that was that good, that compelling to me and JRB's score is that gorgeous that I can't help but to go. Its a heavy subject matter, sure, but the acting is phenomenal and the music is intricately melodic.

As much as I loved Parade when I saw it in previews, there were some minor issues I had with the show. One of those issues belonged to T.R. Knight. Even though he more than impressed me, I thought his voice wasn't quite there yet...he was a little wail-y when belting, but I heard a definite improvement this time around. I didn't think he struggled vocally to hit or sustain notes as he did earlier on in the run. The other issue I had was in thinking that some of JRB's intricate piano riffs weren't heard (or even being played). I know the show has been tweaked throughout the run and with that I'm sure musically, changes have been made. This time though, I heard every one I expect or wanted to hear.

I am so thrilled that Parade is here in least until November 15.


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