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Friday, September 04, 2009


When I was in junior high, I saw Beaches, a film that really thrust Bette Midler into my (and many others) world. To say that I was obsessed was an understatement. I was completely consumed by everything about the heartbreaking lifelong friendship between C.C. Bloom & Hillary Whitney. To date, I don't know how many times I've actually seen the film or read the novel by Iris Rainer Dart. What I loved so much about the film was the story about a lifelong friendship, the music and mostly Bette Midler. She had an amazing voice that I could totally sing-a-long with (and boy, did I ever)! Prior to my introduction to her, I had no idea who she was or what she was known for and when I read about it at that young age, I don't know how much I truly understood (or even cared).

Beaches really opened a whole new world for me in terms of what I thought I wanted to make of my professional life. After handwriting my version of the sequel to the novel (at something like 173 pages...yes, I'm admitting this with an ounce of embarrassment) I wanted to become a novelist or a screenwriter (and I really explored these venues going as far as interviewing actual screenwriters as a junior high student)! Then after singing the entire soundtrack for months on-end, I realized I didn't have an awful singing voice and contemplated my future as a singer. Its funny the endless list of things you truly believe you can accomplish at that age! Yet because of Beaches I had this belief that I could accomplish all of these things.

Suffice it to say, I hold Bette Midler in very high esteem and a special place in my heart. Last week I finally made it to Vegas to see Bette Midler's critically acclaimed Vegas show, The Showgirl Must Go On and it was a-mazing! One of the items on my proverbial "bucket list" has been to see I am so grateful that I was able to do so and with one of my very best friends in the world (who had the same item on his "bucket list"). It was as if the stars aligned because we had the best seats ever (upgraded from mid-mezzanine to 3rd row). Bette and her Harlettes were so entertaining and to hear her sing live was incredible because still she sounds so amazing! My only complaint is that the show was too short, but I couldn't really complain because she barely ever left the stage. It was hit after hit, entertainment to the nth degree. What a night, what a weekend!!!


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