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Monday, May 11, 2009


Part II of my thoughts on the 63rd Anual Tony Award Noms:

Last week, I began part I on my thoughts on the the 63rd Annual Tony Award nominations. This post is a continuation and focuses on the acting and creative arts nominees (all for musicals of course).

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical

* My pick: Wow, what a competitive category. I happen to think that Bobby Spencer totally floored me in next to normal and was so impressed with with portrayal of Dan Goodman. The depth of emotion as the husband of a grieving and emotional mentally ill wife was nothing less than stellar. Nothing would make me happier in this category than seeing Bobby Spencer win. Though I've never seen Gavin Creel in Hair, I know that he's a phenomenal actor and as a personal favorite actor of mine, I would be very happy and love if he won too!
* My prediction: I think the trio of Billy Elliots' are going to win. I admit they are kids who dance like noboody's business who also have to be darn good actors and for that, they should certainly win.
Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical
* My pick: Another very competitive category but its crystal clear (to me) who deserves this win. If anyone has ever heard or seen Alice Ripley in next to normal they will be floored. I have to quote [title of show] and say that Ripley is fierce, because she truly is. Any other actress I've heard in a workshop version of n2n -- while good -- doesn't convey the pure raw emotion that is so heartfelt Ripley does so well. The other ladies in this category are all incredible acresses and I'm a fan of all, but really, I don't think anyone deserves this award like Alice Ripley does.
* My prediction: I hope the voters will go with Alice Ripley and I think they will.

Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical

* My pick: Though I think it takes a special actor (Chris Sieber) to perform -- and by perform I mean dancing too -- 8 shows a week on his knees, I don't know if that necessarily warrants an award. I have a feeling about Will Swenson. I feel like this is going to be a good year for him. He's electryfing in Hair and I hope he takes home an award this year.
* My prediction: I think the two Billy Elliot nominees might cancel themselves out but I still have this feeling that Will Swenson will be taking this one home.

Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical

  • Jennifer Damiano, next to normal
  • Haydn Gwynne, Billy Elliot, The Musical
  • Karen Olivo, West Side Story
  • Martha Plimpton, Pal Joey
  • Carole Shelley, Billy Elliot, The Musical
  • * My pick: I was particularly sad to see that neither Susan Blackwell or Heidi Blickenstaff of [title of show] were not nominated in this category. I would have loved to have seen that. In this category though, I'm caught. I have mad love for n2n and believe so strongly in the entire cast that I would LOVE to see Jennifer Damiano win. To be able to play Natalie as she does with so many layers, so hurt, so determined and to be only 16 or 17 herself. All I can say is, "wow!" I also though think that Karen Olivo is such a stand-out actress. In clips I've seen from West Side Story, it is Olivo who really stands out.
    * My prediction: I think people are expecting Karen Olivo to win. This is the probable outcome, but I think that it also wouldn't be a surprise to see Jennifer Damiano walk away with the award either.

    Best Direction of a Musical

    * My pick: Why was Arthur Laurents not nominated for West Side Story? I find it hard to believe he was shut out. Another tough category here for which I am rooting for next to normal. When I hear what the show sounded like before and what it sounds like now...its amazing. I've also read that the current incarnation of the show is due in large part to the directing of Michael Greif. next to normal is a tight show now with a definite sense of direction that was once lacking. I think he SO deserves this award and I would be so happy to see it awarded to him.
    * My prediction: Everyone is talking about how great Billy Elliot, The Musical is. It might be. The pace & direction of the show might be spot on. In another time and place, I might even like the show.

    Best Orchestrations

    * My pick: I was so sure that JRB was going to be nominated for 13 (in this category as well as best score). Though I wasn't a huge fan when it was in LA, I definitely enjoyed the Broadway cast and found it much more cohesive. The show had a great youthful rock feel and thought the orchestrations were great. So the first time I heard the final version of next to normal, one of the first things I said was that I loved the orchestrations (and this was before I ever got really into (or obsessed with) the show.
    * My predictions: I'm going with next to normal because I don't think the other shows orchestrations even compare in this category.

    Having not actually seen any of these shows yet, I don't think I can share an opinion for the categories below. For the remaining categories, I'm only listing my predicitons based on buzz and hunch.

    Best Scenic Design of a Musical

    * My prediction: Ian MacNeil, Billy Elliot, The Musical

    Best Lighting Design of a Musical

    * My prediction: Howell Binkley, West Side Story

    Best Sound Design of a Musical

    *My prediction: Peter Hylenski, Rock of Ages

    Best Choreography

    * My prediction: Peter Darling, Billy Elliot, The Musical

    2009 Special Awards

    • Isabelle Stevenson Award: Phyllis Newman
    • Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre: Jerry Herman
    • Regional Theatre Tony Award: Signature Theatre, Arlington, Virginia
    • Tony Honor for Excellence in the Theatre: Shirley Herz

    Tony Nominations by Production:


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