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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


This morning, the 63rd Annual Tony Award nominations were announced and what a season the NY theatre community has had! There are some amazing people nominated for some great work this year, some surprise noms and of course there was disappointment due to those who were snubbed. Yet, I was thrilled to see the recognition next to normal received and though I was disappointed that [title of show] didn't receive more noms, I was glad they got at least one.

Per the last 3 or so posts, all I can talk about is next to normal because I love it and think it is the best new original musical this season and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will take home the top prize.

I'm including a complete list of nominees below...but for musicals only (naturally) and including my picks & predictions for the June 7th broadcast live from Radio City on CBS. Without further ado...

Nominations for the 2009 American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards Presented by The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing

Best Musical
* My pick: next to normal
I LOVE next to normal and yet I've not even seen it yet! First and foremost, this is an original musical that is GOOD! How many quality, original musicals open on Broadway each season? The pickins are slim. The brilliance of next to normal is not just in the subject matter, but the way its presented and how much emotion I get just from listening to the OCR over and over and over and over again. Overall, its got a great book, great music, great actors, great lighting (from what video I have seen)...its a solid, solid show that has come a LONG way.
* My prediction: Billy Elliot, The Musical
There is so much buzz for this show because of the 3 Billys. From what I hear, its a hot ticket...but its not original. There's nothing SO compelling overall about this is there? There are certainly elements that make this show shine like the actors, the choreography...but is the music so first rate? Me-thinks not so much. But then again, I've not seen it, so what do I know? I can see it winning though.

Best Book of a Musical
* My pick: next to normal well...maybe...maybe...[title of show]
I'm sorry, adapted material, thank you for playing, please leave. To write a musical about mental illness, dysfunction, death, love & raw emotions and then to portray it SO well that you can't help but to understand and empathize and not villainize any one character through it all, you have to have a damn good book. write a musical about two guys writing a musical with such sweetness & humor. I can't help but to want to root for the underdog here, but will Tony voters?
* My prediction: see above.

Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre
* My pick: next to normal
Ok. I admit, I don't know the music & lyrics well enough of any of these shows except for the obvious (and obvious only if you've read this post from the beginning). I'm gonna go ahead and keep rooting for for my favorite: next to normal
* My predictions: again, I don't know...I mean, Jeanine Tesori is a pretty great composer, Dolly Parton too...and Elton John can write, but did he do enough for Billy Elliot, The Musical to make it award worthy?

Best Revival of a Musical
* My pick: West Side Story HAIR
I have never cared for Hair...really, ever. In the past, I've seen it, it was fine, but not mind-blowing amazing. In the past few weeks, I've paid more attention, watched more online clips, caught the cast making its talk show rounds and I've been blown away. I am really digging Hair and it surprises me. Nothing though is as good as West Side Story - I love it and I think that the updating of the show makes it even better, more realistic. How can you deny such a classic score, lyrics and the choreography? Wow.

Are you kidding me? I love nothing more (in the revival of a musical category) than HAIR! You want to know what I think? See my posts. That says it all, I love the revival of HAIR and desperately hope it wins!

* My prediction: West Side Story HAIR
It has to win. The fellow nominees for a revival are worthy of an award and equally great in their own way. Didn't West Side Story pave the way for the kind of theater we're getting now? There's relevant and timeless topics like diversity, love, good vs. evil, survival...and its just so compelling.

See above in red about HAIR and how much I desperately hope it wins!

Ok, I'm exhausted, I just completely procrastinated in getting work done for you know, my real job, so I'm gonna cut it of here and continue in the next day or so. Part II - Acting picks & predictions coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy a little YouTube action of the nominated shows below:

Tony Nominations by Production



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