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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Recently, I became obsessed with a musical opening on Broadway to normal.  I heard about it, I knew Alice Ripley was in it, I knew Tom Kitt wrote the music, but I knew nothing more than that.  I did some internet research and found the workshop version from 2005 called Feeling Electric on YouTube (god, I love the interwebs) and I was hooked.  The story intrigued me, it had a rock-feel to it, was beautiful, complex, tragic and yet subtle but more importantly, it made me think and again, here we are on the commonly discussed topic of what makes a musical good (not to be confused with the other topic of "what makes a good musical").  God, I love this show and SO wish I could have been in the opening night audience.  Break legs tonight, cast of next to normal!!!  Totes my new favorite show of the season!  More on n2n soon!


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