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Saturday, August 09, 2008


This is my new favorite song from [title of show] (a great musical whose grassroots marketing/PR plan I think was  brilliantly hi-larious and genius)! The song is so me (except for the fact that I'm not currently starring in a Broadway show about wanting to star in a Broadway show)...I think a lot of little girls who were obsessed with Annie (in a crazy way like I was) can identify with these lyrics.  I have definitely found my own version of a way back to then...thanks to Jeff for a great song!

A Way Back to Then
Music and Lyrics by: Jeff Bowen

Dancing in the backyard
Kool-aid moustache and butterfly wings
Hearing Andrea McArdle sing
From the hi-fi in the den
I've been waiting my whole life
To find a way back to then

I aimed for the sky
A nine-year-old can see so far
I'll conquer the world and be a star
I'll do it all by the time I'm ten
I would know that confidence
If I knew a way back to then

So I bailed on my hometown
And became a college theatre dork
I was eastbound and down
Moving to New York
So I crammed my life in a U-Haul
To find my part of it all

But the mundane sets in
We play by the rules
And plough through the days
The years take us miles away
From the time we wondered when
We'd find a way back to then

And when you least expect
Opportunity walks through the door
You suddenly connect
With the thing that you forgot
That you were looking for

And there you are
Right in the middle of what you love
With the craziest of company
You're having a kick-ass time
And being who you wanted to be in this world

You're that little girl
With her wings unfurled
Flying again
Back in your backyard dancing
I found a way back to then.


tickledxneonxpink said...

Oh my gosh, this song is the story of my life too. Pretty much anyone whose done musical theater :D

Thanks for posting

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