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Thursday, December 28, 2006


First of all, going back to work in the week between Christmas and New Years is a complete waste (hence my first real post in ages). I'm like one of six people on my floor here and how have I been passing my time at work? Watching musicals on DVD with my office mate, reading magazines and surfing the internet. Its awfully hard to do any work when the people you need to interact with are all on vacation as well.

During my Christmas holiday, I had an interesting conversation with my father. Though short (we kept getting interrupted) I keep going back to things he said to me about returning to who we really are. Throughout my life, I've had dreams and goals I've had for myself...always holding tight to them particularly in high school and college. Then, I graduated, got a job and through I was on the right track, headed for what I wanted...or so I thought. Maybe what I thought I wanted was never really what I needed. Can I be more ambiguous? Sure, but I won't, not right now. :)


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