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Monday, June 12, 2006


I was just reading Jason Robert Brown's blog in which he posted the following in regard to his opinion of the Tony Awards last night. Maybe he's a little harsh in the first part of his criticism, but I agree with him completely regarding the Harry Connick, Jr. & the Hal Prince thing...both were indeeed pretty pathetic. I had to share...and that is my final thought on this year's awards. I'm done this time. Really.

"They spend a lot of money putting this thing up at Radio City Music Hall, and they do a whole bunch of advertising and publicity, and all these plays and musicals say their lives depend on looking good on television. So the question is: why is the Tony Awards telecast always such an embarrassing, cringe-inducing, amateurish, apologetic, under-rehearsed, ill-conceived, boring use of three extremely expensive hours of network television? Nobody had a better idea to start the show than letting Harry Connick Jr. sing a lounge-act medley while SIXTY people stood behind him trying not to look uncomfortable? Hal Prince has been involved in more than fifty Broadway productions, and the best tribute was to put a bunch of gypsies in old costumes while Howard McGillin sang for seventeen seconds? Are you fucking kidding me?"


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