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Monday, August 15, 2005


I don't know if this show, My Super Sweet Sixteen is a good idea. It's like a train wreck in that I can't stop watching it, but these girls are such spoiled obnoxious bitches that watching it is also painful...and oddly addictive. These girls are getting these elaborate sweet sixteen parties with their parents catering to their every whim, yet these girls are SPOILED BRATS. Their expectations are far fetched and insane (just watch the show and you'll see what I mean). I wonder how much of their "attitude" is being played up for the cameras and how on earth do they think behaving this was is "cool," becuase if they just watch themselves -- next week might be too soon -- but next year, I hope they are ashamed at their behavior, because...oy vey.

This girl Sophie, on the season 2 premeire episode is whiny, bratty, spoiled, inappropriate. While their behavior is wretched (and it is) I can't entirely blame her. It's the parents who ALLOW this type of behavior that is so pathetic and wrong. The kids don't treat their parents or peers with any respect and these girls think they are movie stars, but they're just kids. It's abominable. I wonder if someday they'll look back on their party and feel so ashamed. Likely not, huh?

I think Sophie's (the girl from the first episode of the 2nd season) quote sums up the ridiculousness of the show: "Sophie gets what Sophie wants and Sophie is always right."


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