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Monday, June 27, 2005


Wow, so today marks the closing of four (4) Broadway shows -- La Cage Aux Folles, Brooklyn the Musical, On Golden Pond and Mark Twain Tonight! What a shame. Seems kind of severe in one way I suppose to see these shows close at the same time...but I'm actually sort of surprised that Brooklyn the Musical ran this long. When I saw it...most of the theatre was empty (I practically had my own row) and the show just wasn't very good. Eden Espinosa was the stand out performer in the cast and had a pretty amazing voice. Unfortunately, she was the only decent thing about the show...the premise of the show was really what would have happened had Jonathan Larson written a BAD version of Rent.

Speaking of which...has anyone seen the trailer for the film? It looks fantastic! I think/hope it's gonna be a great film...and will impress as Chicago did. It's a shame Jonathan Larson isn't around to witness the success of his work. The man is quite an inspiration to me.


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