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Friday, December 31, 2004


Thanks to Kevin Spacey, I am now obsessed (who, me...?!) with Bobby Darin's music. Yesterday, I saw Beyond the Sea and it was an interesting film with GREAT music -- love it! Spacey was a convincing Bobby Darin although in the scenes where he was a younger man, he didn't quite young. Was this an "artistic" choice? It was slightly disturbing. Oh well, I could overlook that because the music was just so amazing. Some of the fantasy scenes seemed like an homage to the old MGM musicals which I thought was a fun touch.

Prior to seeing the film, I wasn't so familiar w/ Bobby Darin -- the only things I knew were that he sang "Mack the Knife," was married to Sandra Dee and the company I once worked for put out a few compilation CDs of his music. The film was a very interesting introduction to his life and music which makes me want to find out more. I think the book written by his son Dodd would be an interesting starting point, but it seems to be out of print. :(


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