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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Its no secret that when it comes to In the Heights, I have been a huge supporter.  I thought that Tony Award winning creator/writer and original Usnavi, Lin-Manuel Miranda created a beautiful musical that was the perfect blend between classic and modern musical theatre.  The heart of In the Heights is classic:  it is a  show with recognizable and hummable tunes with a storyline that is simple: family and the journey of finding your way home.  There is a definable hero and heroine who are both trying to find their way yet it is also has very modern elements like infusing the beat and flow of hip-hop and rap into the show.  It reminds us that at the end of the day, none of us are all that different - we all come from families, we are all trying to make our way in the world while looking for our place in it.

Today, it was announced that after 1,185 performances, In the Heights will close on January 9, 2011*.  For a special two-week engagement beginning on Christmas Day, Miranda will once again reprise the role of Usnavi one last time.  If you are in New York, I highly recommend going.  There is magic in seeing a writer/composer performing their own work but to see this incredible show that Miranda lovingly created and nurtured since his days at Wesleyan University, is really something else.  I challenge anyone to tell me that 96,000 is not an electric, brilliant number:

As if In the Heights doesn't prove that Miranda is filled with talent, remember that  he not only created a Tony Award winning musical but he has also been known to educate young people through music on The Electric Company and Sesame Street, created the hilarious web series Legally Brown: The Search for the Next Piragua Guy (a spoof on the MTV Legally Blonde reality show) and also made a ten-year-old boy's dream come true with this.  

It will be a sad day when the Richard Rogers Theatre says farewell to In the Heights but...stay tuned for the film starring who else but...Lin-Manuel Miranda!

*For all performances from January 2, 2011 – January 9, 2011 (exluding January 9, 2011 evening show) get tickets for as low as:

$78.00 for Orchestra/Front Mezzanine    
$48.75 for Rear Mezzanine A - F

Use code ITHLIN

Call Ticketmaster at 877-250-2929 and mention code ITHLIN 


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