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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today is my Super Bowl, my Oscars, my MTV Movie Awards, my Golden favorite awards show - so welcome to my annual Tony Awards blog post! I have to admit that I've been neglecting my blog (which seems to happen ever so often) but I would be remiss if I didn't write anything about my most favorite awards show. There are so many exciting things going on in today from Hunter Bell tweeting live during the awards show to the many amazing presenters & performers like the cast of American Idiot to Broadway's own Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison (some of you may know them from a little show called Glee...). Oh and there's Karen Olivo and Gregory Jbara hosting the Creative Arts Awards much fun! Stay tuned for my updates!

The 2010 Tony Awards - THE WINNERS!!!
Presented by the Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing
(as usual, I am only listing winners for Musicals...sorry guys)

Creative Arts Awards (Pre-Telecast)

They're presenting the lifetime achievement
Tony Awards to Sir Alan Ayckbourn and Marian Seldes during the pre-telecast?! Geez...I would think it would have been important enough to present during the LIVE telecast. No? Same with the Isabel Stevenson Award to David Hyde Pierce!

Best Orchestrations
  • Daryl Waters & David Bryan, Memphis
Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre
  • David Bryan (Music), Joe DiPietro, David Bryan (Lyrics), Memphis
Best Book of a Musical
WOW, look at Memphis sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping the show so far!

Best Costume Design of a Musical
Best Lighting Design of a Musical
Best Scenic Design of a Musical
Best Sound Design for A Musical

My Thoughts on the Primetime Telecast...
(yes, I know, but I've been blogging through each telecast for the last two years...its becoming a tradition!) :)

Ok, what does everyone think of the opening number? It seems so chaotic. I get what they're trying to do, but...I'm not really feeling it as an opening number. I love American Idiot and Green Day, but when did this become a rock concert? It didn't get me excited and hyped up for the Tonys, but you can't win 'em all, right? Wow, Matthew Morrison is getting a lot of audience airtime...not a big shocker, but its too bad he didn't get that much attention when he was a nominee a few years back for The Light in the Piazza!

WTF and not WTF. Not a total surprise to see Ricky Martin here, but still weird to me. Million Dollar Quartet is up.

I feel like it wasn't so long ago when La Cage aux Folles was revived. See...a LOT of Matthew Morrison air time. I expect to see more of this in the next three hours. So, I have to admit that I'm bummed everytime I hear "Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele of Glee" in relation to Broadway related activities (like this awards show). I know that Glee is the current project for both, but...I think the entire Broadway community knows where they've come from. I'm glad though that they at least are supporting the community they came from.

Sean Hayes, so funny in his Billy Elliot get-up. HA!

Best Direction of a Musical
* My Pick: Though I didn't see it this time around, I loved Ragtime the 1st time around. That is the only reason I'm going with Marcia Milgrom Dodge.
* My Prediction: I think it'll be Christopher Ashley for Memphis.

I love how versatile Brian d'Arcy James is - he can be Shrek in Shrek, Dan in next to normal and in a straight play like Time Stands Still. That's one of the reasons why we love him. So awesome!

Awww, Angela Lansbury! Congrats on becoming the American Theatre Wing's first ever honorary chairperson!

Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a a Musical
* My Pick: Barbara Cook! Need I say more?
* My Prediction: Angela Lansbury

Katie Finneran...we love you (and your speech). Yes, focus on what you love - that is so true, so amazing and I so agree!!! I hope more people follow your beautiful heart-felt words!

Haha, Mark Sanchez - apparently, he's a NY Jet - on the
Tony Awards? What?!

Memphis...I think I have to see it to appreciate it.

Everytime I see Jay-Z and Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith in the audience I have to remind myself they are the producers of
Fela!. Though...its really odd to see Jay-Z there!

Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical
* My Pick: I am a fan of Robin De Jesus' work, so I'll go with him.
* My Prediction: I think this is a toss up because I have no idea!

I have been waiting to see/hear Catherine Zeta-Jones in A Little Night Music since she was cast in the role. She does Send in the Clowns well enough...I think...not really. I mean, I didn't get the whole shaking her head back and forth while she sang, "maybe next year" nor did I like the huge gaps like..."Isn't it...[and then you wait some more]" she did that through the entire song. Really? Like...SS approved that? I wasn't a big fan of that interpretation.

Christiane Noll - LOVE!

Wow, look at all those people watching the Tonys in Times Square!

Viola Davis, what a lovely speech. Congratulations!!! Look at how gracious those other ladies in her category reacted (I'm talking to you Linda Lavin and Valerie looked genuinely happy, now that's class)!

Fela! - those peeps have got some energy!

Wow, look at that choreography! Promises, Promises looks amazing!!! I know some people haven't loved the show, but if that number doesn't describe the beauty of Promises, Promises from the choreography to the music, I don't know what does. LOVE!

Best Choreography
* My Pick: Bill T. Jones, Fela!
* My Prediction: Bill T. Jones. Fela! has been getting a lot of attention. I think its a favorite.

In Memoriam.

So how many people who never watched the Tony Awards are watching it now because of Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele? I'll be interested to see if ratings were affected or if all of a sudden young viewers have to download "All I Need Now Is the Girl" from iTunes in hopes of somehow reliving their Tony moment with Matthew Morrison. If memory serves...the last time he "performed" at the Tony Awards, all Matthew Morrison did was walk around Kelli O'Hara and her hat in the opening scene from The Light in the Piazza. He's proving he can really sing and dance (you can hear him panting) and that's he's really quite good (but we all knew that, even before Glee...WAY before Glee)! In all seriousness, I really do hope these performances by Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele will help the ratings.

Ok, Lea Michele, I will say what I said when you were doing Eponine at the Hollywood Bowl...please, don't try so hard. You have an amazing voice, you are a fantastic performer, but you do something when you go overboard to be aren't. Please...please don't do that again because you're really, really, really good as is...but you over enunciate, over scream instead of sing when you're trying to be good and we know it, we can tell and its just plain uncomfortable.

Best Revival of a Musical
* My Pick: A Little Night Music - for obvious reasons.
* My Prediction: A Little Night Music - for similar reasons.

American Idiot - look at the energy of that cast! Nice bleeeping, CBS. Ha. Hope people know about the strobe lights. I don't understand why I think this is so amazing since I'm usually so against shows that aren't considered a true "original musical." For some reason though, the way this show tells a story is different, unique and acceptable to me. I love the energy, the music, the staging, all of it. Too bad it isn't going to win (I say that without knowing the outcome...I just don't think Tony voters are going to choose it).

Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical

Kate Baldwin, Finian's Rainbow
Montego Glover, Memphis
Christiane Noll, Ragtime
Sherie Rene Scott, Everyday Rapture
Catherine Zeta-Jones, A Little Night Music - (WINNER, at least I sort of predicted this one).

* My Pick:
Christiane Noll for her portrayal of "Mother" in Ragtime.
* My Prediction: Montego Glover or Catherine Zeta-Jones.

HA, I love how shocked she looks and that she jumped up when she won and still looked dumbfounded.

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical
* My Pick: I really like Promises, Promises as well as Sean Hayes.
* My Prediction: I don't think Sean will win...I'm going with either Chad Kimball, Memphis or Sahr Nagujah, Fela!

Ok, I'm SO off because I didn't think that any of the La Cage peeps were even considered to win. I'm really surprised but congrats to all of them! Wow!

Best Musical
* My Pick: I am a fan of American Idiot but I don't think its best musical material. I am afraid though that the future of the show will depend on how it does in tonight's awards show. If it doesn't win...I fear it might close. So...please win!!!
* My Prediction: Based on the number of awards it has won thus far...I'm going with Memphis.

Its too bad this year's awards were I Who the hell is this guy screaming his acceptance speech for Memphis? What an ANNOYING voice (sorry, I don't care who the heck you are, I can't listen to you). THANK YOU Sean Hayes for cutting him off! Its the best thing anyone could have done as host. Ok...I was told to make sure to catch the end of the awards show...but...for this? That wasn't so worth it, I'm sorry.

Ok, all in all...a very disappointing show this year. Sorry guys.


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