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Sunday, June 07, 2009


The 2009 Tony Awards - THE WINNERS!!! (updated live PST)

Creative Arts Awards (Pre-Telecast)

Best Orchestrations

Best Lighting Design of a MusicalBest Costume Design of a Musical
Best Lighting Design of a Musical
Best Sound Design of a Musical
Best Choreography of a Musical
Best Book of a Musical

* * *

during the Tony Awards West Coast Telecast:
(yes, I'm going to be THAT person, happily, excitedly and frantically blogging during the show...because I can & apparently I care that much

Holy Crap! Elton John; Bret Michaels meets Broadway (Rock of Ages); Karen Olivo & West Side Story; Aaron Tveit and Stockard Channing; Dolly Parton; LIZA and Hair (the TRIBE is freakin' AWESOME!!!!) and then Neil Patrick Harris hosting!!!!!!??? The Tony Awards opening number is like Christmas!!! Best opening number I've seen at the Tonys in a long time (and apparently the most expensive)!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!

Despite my own personal opinions about Shrek The Musical, Chris Sieber gave a pretty kick-ass performance.

Angela Lansbury - of course she was going to win (and I'm glad she did)!

What do people think of Neil Patrick Harris?

Best Original Score (Music & Lyrics) Written for the Theatre
  • Tom Kitt (music) and Brian Yorkey (lyrics), next to normal (my prediction & my pick!!! SO HAPPY & SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Not happy that they cut off their acceptance speeches though.)
Beautiful dance number to the gang at West Side Story! Though...I kind of think the choreography and score are the best parts of this revival (even though Cavenaugh is hot and Scaglione has a beautiful voice). Sorry.

Best Direction of a Musical
Its campy, its 80s music fun, they SO don't take themselves seriously and Rock of Ages I have to admit (after purchasing the cast recording) I kind of like. Um, nice crotch shot of Mitch Jarvis. Oy.

If Liza didn't win, I'd be shocked. Glad to see some things are as they should be!

So, Guys and Dolls has never been one of my favorite musicals. The performance of "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat" was good, not great. Still...not my favorite.

Working in the Theatre - yea to The Wing & everything they do!!!

Best Featured Actor in a Musical
Best Featured Actress in a Musical
  • Karen Olivo, West Side Story (my pick AND my prediction...and I LOVED her acceptance speech!!!)

Why was Alice off? Wasn't she? I don't care, she's just completely amazing as Diana. This -- I Am The One -- I think is my favorite number in next to normal (and one of the most stressful, I need a drink)! My God, Alice is so AMAZING it gives me chills through the freaking TV (Bobby Spencer & Aaron Tveit weren't too shabby either)! Alice Ripley, you are just phenomenal!

Haha, loved NPH's sushi joke aimed at one actor who pulled out of a certain Broadway show this season. He's a good host, good pick folks!

Aww, Natasha Richardson and all the others who passed during this season. I feel weird mentioning the "In Memoriam," but feel even weirder not mentioning it.

Ok, so this Billy Elliot number...the kid can dance (and the choreography is what I thought it'd be) but still not my favorite.

Hmmm, who is playing Elle Woods on tour? Interesting voice.

Awww, congrats to Jerry Herman's lifetime achievement award! So happy to see him!

HAIR!!! Love, love, love the revival! What energy and you an tell how much fun the entire Tribe is having! Love, love, love! How can you not have fun and not smile and love all of them? Sigh. Love!!!

Best Revival of A Musical
  • HAIR (my prediction & my pick...after hearing the cast recording of HAIR and particularly so after hearing the cast recording of another show I initially though would win)!!! And for the record, I support equality too!!!
Best Leading Actress in a Musical
  • Alice Ripley, next to normal (my prediction & my pick). Thank goodness! So well deserved!!! Ooh, did anyone see Sutton Foster? That looked a little bit like an annoyed face. Didn't it? A little? Yikes.
Best Leading Actor in a Musical
  • David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik, and Kiril Kulish, Billy Elliot, The Musical (my prediction. Great acceptance speech by the trio!)
Wow, that's a lotta Frankie Vallis from Jersey Boys!

Best Musical
Love NPH's 11 o'clock number. That was awesome!



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