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Friday, November 21, 2008


Another show posts its closing notice...January 4, 2009. Its a shame what this economy is doing to our nation and I hate seeing shows I love (or would love to see) ending too soon. There are six weeks before 13, Hairspray and now Young Frankenstein will close and then 8 weeks before we bid adieu to Spamalot and Spring Awakening. What is going on!?

Go see 13 people and support this amazing YOUNG cast who have more talent in their left nostril than most of us can ever hope to have. I admit I wasn't the biggest fan when the show previewed here in LA in March, 2007. Since then though, JRB his written some awesome new material and everyone has worked so hard to get it to Broadway. 13 is doing some pretty irresistible promotions to sell tickets for its final if you can afford to go see a movie, instead pay the extra $5 and go see the talented, young cast of 13 do their thing!


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