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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am officially just a little worried...

*updated 12/14/08: Gypsy (moves up its opening date from 3/1/09 to 1/11/09) is the next casualty on the unfortunate Broadway chopping block.

In the last few weeks, closing notices were announced for the following Broadway shows and Spring Awakening is the latest casualty announced today:
That's a lot of closing notices in a few weeks span and it sort of worries me. What's going on people? So this either means that there are a lot of shows waiting in the wings to come to Broadway (doubtful...unless [title of show] is planning on their return to the Rialto in which case I'd be delighted) or there will be several empty theatres in the coming season. Is this due to our nation's struggling economy? But isn't this the time of year when ticket sales typically go up because of advanced sales and the holiday season? I don't even know what to say right now...I was just looking at Broadway grosses for the week ending 10/5 and its not good for some shows who are reporting under 50% capacity. Everyday, it seems like another show posts its closing...maybe its just a coincidence, but it still concerns me since a slew of long-running shows recently closed this season. Ok people, just...go see a Broadway show...soon!


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