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Thursday, July 03, 2008


As a blog writer, I have to admit this whole thing feels a little self indulgent sometimes.  I write (predominantly) about theater and am always pleasantly surprised when people actually read this thing.  I mean, most people are not racing to read my blog (no offense taken) and those that do, are in perfect company with myself and the other big theatre geeks.  There are a lot of blogs out there that touch on not-so-important points, topics, issues, etc. but like mine, a lot aren't really filled with amazing writing.  Yet, when I stumbled upon Matt Logelin's blog recently, I discovered something pretty darned amazing (his story is so heartbreaking and I couldn't begin to do it justice, so if you are so inclined, you can read about his story here first or the feature written in the Star Tribune).

From the day I first heard of Matt and his story, I was rivited.  I sat and read the entire blog from "cover to cover".  His story made me (mostly) cry but I also laughed and my heart ached for this new family.  It has become something that I check daily, curious to see how Matt & his daughter are doing.  I knew just how much it affected me when I recently saw a robot (something frequently mentioned in the blog) necklace and thought of the blog or when I was at Amoeba today and again thought of the blog.  Yes, this is weird because I don't know them, but I can't help but to find myself really rooting for them and as he writes about days that are less painful, it brings a smile to my face.  

This whole story has got me thinking again about how important a father's role is in their child's life.  I'm sure Matt couldn't possibly imagine doing anything less for his daughter than he's doing now.   And I'm sure that Matt doesn't really think of himself as a "hero" per se, but just being a good father and being the kind of father that would make his wife and daughter proud.  A good father is rare these days it seems and his blog just reminds me how great a father Matt is to his baby girl and it brings tears to my eyes.  Dads, take note and were a very lucky lady (though I can bet that Matt and all of your friends & family thought they were the lucky ones for having known you).

Is it really bizarre for me to write all of this?  See, this is why having this blog is self-indulgent.  Anyone who reads this entry though...please do visit Matt's blog, its some of the best writing I've read in ages...and it will forever affect your heart.


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Hey there.

I've been following your blog but was behind on doing the rounds. Just discovered Matt's blog thanks to you. Amazing.

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