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Friday, August 03, 2007


I've been listening to something frightful. No kidding, I've literally been cringing through each track from a particular CD. From the first note of the first track, my eyes slightly bugged out of my head and my ears freaked out in fear as I mumbled "this is really bad." Here's the conclusion I've come to...unless you're an actual musician who can really do jazz (i.e., you completely know what you're doing) please, please, please don't jazz up your favorite showtune, record it and expect people (other than maybe your friends and family) to truly enjoy it. While it may be "creative" for you the artist to do this, its disturbing and frightful for us the listeners because:
  • A.) Your voice isn't really conducive to real jazz.
  • B.) The arrangement you've chosen doesn't actually work for your particular song,
  • C.) And if you really have to "jazz it up" please carefully consider points A & B again.
I've heard my share of musical theatre performers as of late do this...and it has never resulted in a good, quality product. Come to think of it, I don't think any of their albums did well either. Actually, I think they all failed miserably. A lesson to consider? Me thinks so... *Shudder*


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