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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


July 3 -- So I finally broke down and downloaded the cast recording of Spring Awakening on iTunes. I wasn't sure if I wanted it, but since the Tony Awards, its been rolling around in my head and I had to find out if it was really that impressive. I've listened to it all the way through once since I downloaded it yesterday, and I'm still scratching my head. Does it sound musically groundbreaking? No. It is definitely rock musical-y and has a good sense of rhythm and I can't get the chorus of "The Bitch of Living" out of my head. But innovative? I'm not sure I understand that with this show yet either.

* * *

Ok, so as of today its now been a little over a week and I've been listening to Spring Awakening a lot (too much maybe). I'm trying to get into it and understand the cult-like following behind it. I've been playing it at work, in the car, while studying and writing my papers and still...haven't had that epiphany. All I can say is that it is very rock musical-y, but I knew that from the first listen to music clips. I do find myself enjoying Spring Awakening's fresh, modern sound that Broadway has received from Duncan Sheik's work. But hearing that Broadway will "never be the same again" is a line that comes around every few years on the Great White Way. As I mentioned before, its reminiscent of the hoopla that surrounded Rent. I just watched the YouTube clip from Spring Awakening on The Today Show and after seeing that, I wish I could get the impact of the show the way those audience members have talked about.

I still really want to understand why Spring Awakening is so amazing. So again, if you have an answer, I'm willing to listen.


scmusicals said...

Maybe we're just too old to get it. Maybe we're too far removed from the relevance this has on teenagers today. I tried giving it a shot when I watched it in May. People were clapping like mad, especially during the song, Totally F***ed, where half the cast ends the song by flipping off the audience.

I don't get it...and I especially don't get the Tony for best choreography...they bounced around most of the time and only had one set of hand gestures feeling themselves up.

I think I have more negatives than most on this show, but ultimately you're right...if it causes more people to take an interest in theatre, it has served a positive purpose.

chizi said...

Haha, "Totally F***ed," I liked. :) Ok, so after another several rounds of listening (sorry to my co-workers who hear this coming from my office), I admit that I like the folk-y and upbeat aspects to the music. Duncan Sheik's music isn't bad (and even better to look at). You know, I do like the music, its just that the main issue I have is not understanding the idea of "groundbreaking" as a way of describing the show.

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