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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Cesar "The Dog Whisperer" Millan is on a whirlwind publicity tour! With the recent release of his newest book, Cesar's Way, the king of the dogs appeared today on both The Today Show & Martha presenting his dog behavioral techniques.

Millan makes the act of rehabilitating a "problem" dog look so easy. What is the secret? Any regular viewer of The Dog Whisperer knows the secret is to exhibit a calm, dominant behavior over the dog to get them in a calm but submissive state. When the owners are the leader of their pack, the dog will soon follow. Too many dog owners treat their pets like humans and end up using human psychology to train them when in actuality it is all about getting into the mindset of a dog.

Millan follows the belief that, "In the wild, a dog's very survival depends on a strong, stable and organized pack, where every member knows its place and follows the rules established by the pack leader. The pack instinct is perhaps the strongest natural motivator for a dog."

There really are no words to do Millan justice and no amount of trying to explain or describe how remarkable he is at what he does. It is abundantly clear that Millan has a special bond with dogs, one that he takes seriously and cherishes. Millan's holds a special place in his heart for the breed of dogs typically considered to be high-risk or misunderstood like Pitt Bulls, Rottweilers and German Shepherds. In mere moments, Millan can bring such a sense of peace and calm to canines once considered beyond help . Through his program, I learned that Pitt Bulls have been given a bad rap and aren't nearly as violent and frustrated as the media has made them out to be. Once Pitts (and more importantly their owners) are properly trained, they are just as beautiful and loving as any other dog.

Any regular reader of my blog knows that I certainly love theatre, but I love what Millan does for animals and his overwhelmingly strong belief that every "problem" dog can be trained and rehabilitated. Millan is the greatest advocate for dogs and I for one support a person who has brought much good to the world on behalf of canines.

As if all of this isn't great enough, Millan also has a blog folks (or so say the peeps over at National Geographic). So read up and lets hope Millan continues his publicity tour spreading the word on his show, books and most importantly his amazing Dog Psychology Center.


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