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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hot from the pages of TV Guide Online:

SOUND JUDGEMENT: Hot to launch a stage revival of The Sound of Music — and now that his first pick, the impossibly hot Scarlett Johansson, has declined the lead role — producer Andrew Lloyd Webber is considering using a reality-TV competition to find his new Maria, says the New York Post. Meanwhile, Julie Andrews has christened Cameron Diaz her choice to fill her nun's sensible shoes, should there be a big-screen remake of Music — provided that "My Favorite Things" be rewritten to include "Hair gel/and Angels/and young boys named Justin."

Can I just say...everything about this tidbit of information is just WRONG (except for the parody which is pretty funny). Even I wouldn't watch a reality show to find a new Maria for The Sound of Music! That sounds like the worst idea ever! Of course, this is the same man who butchered his own film version of The Phantom of the Opera. I'm afraid ALW is just plum out of good ideas.

Horrifying, simply horrifying.


Mitch Glaser said...

I hope your promise to not watch the show doesn't preclude you from trying out for it should it come to fruition. I doubt that your readers, much less the public at large, are aware of your singing talent. You could be the next Maria!

I would hope that this new reality show doesn't compete with The Apprentice in L.A. becuase I'm probably going to be on it and I'd hate to have to compete for ratings with you.

scmusicals said...

Here's a tip for any producers out there. If a movie wins an oscar for best motion picture, and is on the AFI's list as one of the top 100 movies in the last 100 should not be remade.

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