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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


As with millions of other people who have fallen victim to them, I am completely and utterly under the spell of Starbucks. Sad, but true. Last week, I went everyday for my usual: venti, iced Americano (and that stuff is hard core), room. I can't seem to get through the work day without going to Starbucks between 2-3 p.m. for my drink. I've started a viscous cycle -- Monday: dead tired, go through half the day still dead. Come home at lunch and take a 30 minute nap, go to Starbucks, regain energy, can't sleep at night, go to bed REALLY late because of the effects of the Americano and then do the same thing the rest of the week. The sad thing is that I drink regular coffee in the mornings to wake up...but that doesn't seem help me out by the time the middle of the afternoon rolls around. All of it...bad. Maybe I'll stop drinking the potent Americanos and just have an iced tea instead. Nah, I tried that once before and that didn't work too well.

For SUPER strong coffee, skip Starbucks and go to Peet's instead. Just smelling their coffee makes me hyper (their iced tea WAY strong and strangely doesn't taste much like tea...takes like weak coffee). I make Peet's at home, but not nearly as strong as they do in their stores. Sometimes, I make it just a tad stronger and seriously it makes me feel intoxicated. I once made the mistake of drinking 6 big cups of Peet's coffee at my great-aunt's house with my mom. Neither my mom nor my great-aunt are particularly calm people -- both being pretty outgoing and chatty by nature...and I realize I'm not a particularly quiet person all the time, nor am I ever quiet when caffeine-intoxicated. So... combine my 80-something year old great-aunt, my mom & I amped up on caffeine and look out world!!!

Ok fine, that was my brief but pathetic commentary on the bad (yet fun) effects of caffeine. Now, I will go prepare my coffee maker to brew me some "life-juice" for tomorrow morning. The viscous cycle never ends...oh well!


Mitch Glaser said...

You inspired me this morning. You really need to see this Web Site.

Give me the life juice!

Carrie said...

I don't know what it is about Starbucks, but I think they put a little extra "kick" in their coffee. A tall Starbucks House Blend brings on a whole new level of caffeine high that my at-home 4-cupper loaded with the lateset special bean from World Market could never ever provide for me.

Perhaps it is all an evil ploy by Starbucks to get one even more hooked on their coffee? If the at-home stuff doesn't work anymore, we'll all have no choice but to rely on Starbucks for our daily fix....

(ps: cool blog...I found it through Mitch's site)

scmusicals said...

Cheer don't drink nearly enough coffee each day to kill you. You can check out the Death By Caffeine site to find out what can. =P

And by the mention of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? Their coffee and tea is way better than Starbucks! =)

chizi said...

I was gonna refrain Maureen, but you started it, so here I go on my anti-Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf...

Back in high school I thought Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was the best coffee ever (mostly because of their Iced Blended drinks). Sometime in the mid-late 90's, something changed in their recipe and I discovered that their once delicious and refreshing Iced Blendeds made me sick...very, very, very sick. Around this same time, I discovered Peet's Coffee.

This discovery made me realize that Coffee Bean is too weak lacking the bold, robust true coffee flavor that I enjoy (that and I don't like their use of powders to flavor Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drinks).

Peet's customers have long bragged that their coffee is the best. I disagreed until I actually tasted their drip...and I have to agree of all the chain coffee places, there is nothing like a Peet's coffee!

Tianyi Wang said...

Only 110 of your favorite drink to kill me.

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