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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So as I was saying (badly) the other day about the current state of musical theatre...

I should be happy when anybody is exposed to musical theatre and maybe shouldn't even spend the time discussing why I am not a fan of predictable, big Disney-fied shows. After all, it took seeing The Phantom of the Opera in high school for me to rediscover my love of musicals. I guess after the resurgence of theatre in my life, I discovered what it was that really struck a chord with me and what fueled my fire.

I am not a big fan of the over-produced/in-your-face Broadway musical that tells you what to feel and when to feel it. While I understand what producers/backers/creative types are doing when putting together commercial successful shows like The Lion King and Mama Mia! I prefer shows like Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years and Sondheim's Passion which are more intimate and have layers of emotion and depth. I have been listening to The Last Five Years for over a year on and off (or...more...) and each time, I still discover new things with each listen.

I love discovering the layers of the show and it's characters after listening to the cast recording and coming to a genuine understanding of the story. I am fascinated by what drives these characters and how they become who they are. There is so much to learn...and I find more of a sense of discovery in these more complex shows.

So in conclusion...only because I feel like this soapbox I'm standing on requires a conclusion (and I think I've rambled on enough for today)...I am a theatre snob. I admit it...I cringe at the thought of a Disney musical and wouldn't be caught dead seeing We Will Rock You in Las Veags nor will I ever see Beauty and the Beast...again. However I support the idea of what these shows represent if it means a show will give exposure to the art form. Shall I begin my thoughts on arts education? Maybe I'll save that for another day. :)

In case it wasn't clear enough...I am obsessed with is what I am passionate about and it is what drives me. These are thoughts I've had for too long so I thought I'd finally post an abbreviated form cyberspace for everyone and no one to see.


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