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Monday, April 29, 2002


I feel that I've been neglecting my blog since my unemployment. My biggest complaint while being unemployed was that I didn't have anything worthwhile to say, thus no entries. Actually, the only thing I actually did talk about (other than worrying that nobody would ever hire me, yet enjoying my time off way too much) were Days of Our Lives and Personal TLC on The Learning Channel. Yes, I was much too excited to watch TV ALL DAY LONG. But let me tell you Personal TLC is darn interesting. My personal favorites are A Wedding Story, A Baby Story and everyone's favorite, Trading Spaces. I've gotten some great ideas from Trading Spaces and been quite amused at some of the ideas those designers (especially Hildy) have forced upon those poor homeowners. The absolute worst room I've ever seen was when Hildy thought it a "great" idea to paint pink walls and glue HAY on them. Hello?, what were you thinking? I can't say there are many rooms that Hildy has done that I actually like. My favorite designers are Vern and Frank I think. The best room was when Frank redid an apartment in LA and painted the wood floors black and the walls a beautiful turquoise-y color. LOVED that place! Vern, Frank, come rescue me...come redo one of my rooms, they need it!

Ugh, ok, anyways, now that I've gone on a mini-rampage about Trading Spaces.

What else? Some might disagree, some might think whatever they'll think, but my new favorite CD is Josh Groban's. It actually reminds me of Sarah Brightman's Time to Say Good-bye CD (style-wise), but I have to say that I am partial to Josh Groban's (men who SING have always been a weakness of mine, and this boy can SING). He has such a powerful voice for being like 20 or something, he has such feeling and depth to his work (IMHO). Apparently, he was on Ally McBeal, but I don't watch that show, so I'd never heard of him until I heard him promoting his album on Rosie O'Donnell. If you go to his website now, you can listen to the entire CD online.

Speaking of Rosie O'Donnell (sort of)...I saw Sutton Foster (now starring in Thoroughly Modern Millie on Broadway) perform on Rosie's show, and talk about a powerhouse voice! Wow, she's amazing. That's the kind of voice I wish I had! I don't remember what she sang from Thoroughly Modern Milly, but I was so impressed by it that I know I'll buy the CD when it comes out. I seem to buy many cast recordings as a habit anyways, but this one I have to get, just to hear her sing!

Ok, so that's enough from me...I think I've said more than my share least for now!

So I have a P.S....

PS: If any of you ever get the opportunity to visit Roy's Restaurant, GO! It'll be one of the best meals (Hawaiian Fusion) you'll ever eat! I went to the one in Hawaii several years ago, and the one in Newport Beach is (I think) even more incredible. Definitely a meal you'll never forget!!! It's great!


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