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Thursday, November 01, 2001

Last night, I had the best sleep since the blood-shed at *ahem.* Lately I've been waking up with my shoulders so tensed up, it felt like they were in my ears. And believe you me, waking up with your shoulders in your ears isn't a very pleasant way to start your morning.

So things are starting to become more "normal" here I guess. Of course that depends what you consider "normal." Could it be the two and a half hour meetings and the endless "passing the baton" conversations or the fact that morale is at an all time low? Some people left behind are less normal than others, but of course that seems to be the case everywhere. Indulge me if you will...there is one person who is so loud, who looks like an orangutan (I kid you not) and laughs like a deaf hyena. I can be talking on the phone (with the volume pumped to the max) and not hear the person on the other end because all I hear is the maddening laughter (and please remember, I'm trying to be nice here) of the orangutan-hyena woman. At least I know my depression is lessening because for the first time in a week, I feel my annoyance is greater than my sadness.

*******On to things that don't concern THAT place*******

Coheteboy sent me a link that allows one to listen to the entire Harry Potter score by John Williams. Thus far, it's really beautiful and is yet another thing that is making me feel better. Perhaps I should investigate a career in music therapy (there's my random thought of the moment). Hmmm...that's an idea (maybe I need music therapy. Anywhoo...I guess I should actually read the Harry Potter books but...I have no excuse as to why I'm not really reading. **sigh** boss just got out of a meeting, so I should look like I'm busy...while she's still around.


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