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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

The novelty has worn off folks. No longer am I thinking unemployment is the best thing ever. Maybe I'm a lazy bum and don't have a real desire to work again, but the not shopping part is killing me! Ok, the not shopping and the feeling useless part. Today, I went online as I do everyday to look for jobs and as usual, there was nothing for me. Not a shocker there. I began to wonder if there will ever be anything out there that suits me. Who knows. So in order to make myself feel a little better, I decided to go to the mall and buy a cheap lip gloss at Sephora since that usually makes me feel better. Alas, all the lip glosees I wanted were like $24! So, no lipgloss for this girl. I began to think, "gee, this is depressing." But then, I realized that there were a lot of things about today that were depressing. And I no longer wanted to use that word...I think it's overused. And the fact that there weren't any job postings and the lipglosses were all a fortune wasn't depressing it was just disappointing, upsetting, bothersome etc. I had this conversation with Jody tonight and we decided that we would stop using the word "depressing" and start using something else, like melancholy or low or something other than depressing. Ha ha...

Here's the other thing I've noticed (this adds to my argument that I think I need a job)....I feel like I have nothing to say anymore and my communication skills are slowly falling apart. One would think I'd have something to say (after all, I have this frigging blog), but in normal everyday conversation, I'm at a loss. My life revolves around taking Miss Cookie for walks, working out, watching Days of Our Lives, knitting, looking for jobs online, TV... and that's I mean, I do socialize often...but I feel like I have nothing to report that is terribly interesting other than the above. Sad, pathetic, awful. And also since I don't feel like I use my brain that often, I feel that as a muscle, it's starting to turn into mush. I was having a conversation today and couldn't think of the word, labor! Now that's's only 2 syllables! **sigh**

So I'm admitting it...I need a job...I need to support my shopping addiction (and trust me, there's plenty out there that I need to buy).


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