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Monday, December 17, 2001

Today, I saw one of my favorite entertainers while dining at The Farm in Beverly Hills for lunch. I won't reveal who I saw, because of the comment I'm about to make. My star sighting subject looked awful, yes indeed. This particular actor looked as if s/he were about 5 bijillion years old. It was obvious that this actor had their face pulled about as far as the skin would allow. It is quite sad and unfortunate because I thought this person is good looking. Under the bright lights, the heavy make up and the veil of the camera lens, I guess anybody looks great. **sigh** It's amazing what fame and fortune can do to a person.

Honestly though, why do the rich and famous get face lifts? Do they really think we won't notice the difference? We are an observant bunch of people - how can we not notice a nip and a tuck there? Why can't they leave well enough alone? I understand that as entertainers, their livelihood is based on their appearance, but when a 50-something gets a face lift and tries to pass as a 30-something, well, I hope they understand that nobody actually believes what they're trying to pull off. Oh well, I guess it's none of my concern.


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