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Monday, October 08, 2001

Not that it is all over, not that I am heartbroken...but my last "dramatic it's-all-over" post is what I fear will eventually happen. I guess I'm going through another what-is-my-life coming to drama. I don't really know if I really know what I'm trying to say, so please pardon me if this makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever.

Maybe I'm not all that different from most 25 year olds...but sometimes I feel like I am by the people I surround myself with (one of whom I have ultimately decided was the thorn in my side and have recently said buh-bye to). Many people (my age) don't understand my interests...but it's part of what makes me unique in my crowd of least I have an interest...some people I know don't really have any concrete sad.

Not everyone is weird, not everyone is that different from me...but often times I feel like nobody really understands, but then do I really expect someone to truly understand? No. Becuase we all go through different experiences in life, and while some of them are relatable in some way, nobody can really go through the same experiences and really and truly relate. And then there are some things that just take too long to explain. I'm not talking about my own Shopgirl kind of dilemma though. I must say, that I have some really great friends, but some of these friends don't always understand or fully support my decisions (not that I expect them to, nor do I always understand theirs) but I just wish they would sometimes cut me a little slack. I know they care...

Maybe I was just going through a self-pitying stage last night...I think it's over now.


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